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  • Standard Durable Qualified HDPE Plastic Pallet
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    Standard Durable Qualified HDPE Plastic Pallet

    Product Feature: 1. Use High Density Polyethylene(called HEPD for short)as raw material;Can be divided into single-side and double-side plastic pallet. 2. Hard, cold & heat resistant, acid &alkali resistant, high chemical stability,non-toxic and tasteless. 3....Read More
  • Warehouse Stackable Plastic Bin
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    Warehouse Stackable Plastic Bin

    Product Feature: 1.Plastic bin is made of fresh PE or PP material, no reclaimed material. 2.Plastic bin can be placed on the table, rack and other suitable places. 3.Four upright posts are together supplied for stacking. 4.Durable,non toxic, hygienic and convenient....Read More
  • Heavy Duty Steel Pallet
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    Heavy Duty Steel Pallet

    Product feature: 1. Surface process: can be galvanization or powder coating spraying; 2. The panel of steel pallet can be made into different surface, in order to store different goods. Sunnyrack can provide corrugated surface panel and steel strip panel. 3. Following is the...Read More
  • Storage Cage Wire Mesh Container
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    Storage Cage Wire Mesh Container

    Product Feature: 1. Wire container can be stacked to 4 layers, achieve three-dimensional storage,it is collapsible which save lots of space. 2. Made of strong steel, welding with U steel strengthen rib at the bottom to guarantee the load capacity. 3. Use spiral hinge...Read More
  • Galanvized Steel Wire Mesh Decking
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    Galanvized Steel Wire Mesh Decking

    Product Feature: 1. Compared to steel decking and wood decking, wire decking has much better function on transmission of light. And it complies with fireproof requirements and can help reduce the insurance rates. 2. Welding with reinforcing rib under wire decking surface to...Read More
  • Warehouse Steel Stack Racking
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    Warehouse Steel Stack Racking

    Product features: 1. Stack racking is also called movable rack or foldable rack. 2. It can make the best use of the space of warehouse under the condition which can’t use fixed racks. 3. It allows 4-way forklift access even when loaded. 5. Stack racking can stacked to 4-5...Read More
  • Storage Steel Box
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    Storage Steel Box

    Product Features: 1.Corrugated plate or sheet plate as the bottom base. 2.Beautiful surface. Surface process: powder coating spraying or galvanization. 3.Foldable & stackable. 4.Size and load capacity can be customized based on clients' request. 5.Sunnyrack supply two...Read More
  • Warehouse Storage Boltless Rivet Shelving
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    Warehouse Storage Boltless Rivet Shelving

    Boltless shelving effect drawing: Product Feature: 1. Cut-in composite beam structure. 2. The height of each layer can be adjusted by pitch 50mm freely. 3. Steel or wooden panel will be available. 4. It's size can be customized by users. 5. Enabling the efficient storage...Read More
  • Slotted Angle Steel Shelving
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    Slotted Angle Steel Shelving

    Angle steel shelving effect drawing: Product Feature: 1. Angle steel shelving, cut-in composite structure,is made of angel steel, corner piece and steel panel with steel panel. 2. It is suitable for goods with small size and light weight, load capacity is around 50kg-100kg...Read More
  • Supermarket Gondola Shelving
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    Supermarket Gondola Shelving

    Gondola shelving effect drawing: Product Description: 1. Sunnyrack Gondola shelving are widely used in convenience stores, chemists, service stations, hardware stores and supermarkets. 2. Pretty surface, surface treatment: powder coating spraying. 3. Layer board can be...Read More
  • Warehouse Push Back Racking
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    Warehouse Push Back Racking

    Push back pallet racking effect drawing: Products Feature: 1. Push back pallet racking provides highly effective use of space by combining high-density storage with high-speed access. 2. Push back pallet racking operates on the FILO (First In, Last Out) principle. 3....Read More
  • Heacvy Duty Gravity Roller Pallet Racking
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    Heacvy Duty Gravity Roller Pallet Racking

    Gravity roller racking effect drawing: Products Feature: 1. Combining the advantages of flow rack and pallet rack, Sunnyrack gravity roller racking offers the maximum picking efficiency, working on a FIFO basis, packaged goods can be transferred to picking places continuously...Read More

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Nanjing Sunnyrack Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, established in September 2002, is one of the earliest and biggest manufacturers which dedicated to researching、designing、manufacturing and installing various storage rack systems in China.


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Address: NO.12-88, Qiaolin Industrial Park, Pukou District, Nanjing, P.R China.

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