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Drive in Racking

Drive in racking for forklifts into the channel to access the goods, is suitable for small variety, large quantities of goods storage. In addition to the through-shelf position near the channel, because the forklift needs to access the goods inside the shelf, it is generally recommended that the single-sided pick-up should not exceed 7 pallet positions depth. In order to improve the speed of the forklift, the guide rails can be selected according to actual needs.
Compared with selective pallet rack, the space utilization ratio of the drive in rack can be increased by more than 30%, and the drive in rack are widely used in wholesale, cold storage, food, and tobacco industries. With drive in racking, pallets are placed so they can slide backwards on a rail, thus storing them more deeply and creating more space in the warehouse. Drive-In Racking involves the forklift entering the racking from one side to load or retrieve the pallets which are stored more deeply.
If you have numerous pallets of a similar product, drive-in racking creates more efficient use of space in a warehouse instead of selective type racking where there are many aisles with spaces in between to account for access of a forklift.
This kind of shelf is suitable for storage of high-volume, low-variety items. The leg and leg shelf of the through-type rack (drive-in rack) adopts overall stamping/rolling technology, which has strong carrying capacity and beautiful appearance.
Drive in racks are all plug-in assembled structures. Columns are fabricated. The total depth of shelves in the wall area is preferably controlled within 5 pallets depths. The total depth of the shelves in and out of the middle area is generally controlled to 10 pallets depth to improve the efficiency and reliability of forklift access.
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    Warehouse Storage Steel Drive In Racking
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    Industrial Storage Filo Type Heavy Duty Drive In Rack
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