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Logistics equipment is one of the main operating tools of modern enterprises, and it is the basis for rational organization of mass production and mechanized flow operations. For third-party logistics companies, logistics equipment is the material technology foundation for organizing logistics activities, reflecting the logistics capabilities of enterprises. Logistics equipment is the material basis in the logistics system.
With the development and progress of logistics, logistics equipment is continuously improved and developed. Many new equipments in the field of logistics equipment, such as Corrosion Resistant Meta Steel Pallet, High Quality Industrial Steel Stack Racking, and Wire Mesh Container For Warehouse Storage, have greatly reduced people's labor intensity and improved logistics operation efficiency and service. Quality, reducing logistics costs, plays an important role in logistics operations, greatly promoting the rapid development of logistics.
Logistics equipment is the main indicator of the level of logistics technology, and its characteristics are mainly reflected in:
1. The degree of socialization of equipment is getting higher and higher, the structure of equipment is becoming more and more complex, and the links from research, design to production to scrapping are interdependent and mutually restrictive.
2. The equipment has a trend of "four modernizations", namely, continuous, large-scale, high-speed, and electronic, which has increased productivity.
3. Energy-intensive equipment is mostly used and energy consumption is high. At the same time, modern equipment investment and use costs are very expensive, and it is capital-intensive. Therefore, improving the economic benefits of management is very important for logistics enterprises.
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  • Corrosion Resistant Metal Steel Pallet

    Corrosion Resistant Metal Steel Pallet
    1. Surface process: can be galvanization or powder coating spraying;
    2. The panel of steel pallet can be made into different surface, in order to store different goods.
    3. Following is the standard size,others can...
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  • Wire Mesh Container for Warehouse Storage

    Wire Mesh Container For Warehouse Storage
    *Made of strong steel, welding with U channel steel at the bottom to guarantee the load capacity.
    *Use bolt structure, easy to open the door and fetch goods.
    *Surface treatment: Galvanization; Bright and clean,...
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  • High Quality Industrial Steel Stack Racking

    High Quality Industrial Steel Stack Racking:
    1. Stack frame is also known as the smart fixed, uniform size, capacity, storage of goods at a glance, easy to store inventory.
    2. It can make the best use of the space of warehouse under the condition which can't...
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