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Steel Product

  • Heavy Duty Steel Pallet

    Product feature: 1. Surface process: can be galvanization or powder coating spraying; 2. The panel of steel pallet can be made into different surface, in order to store different goods. Sunnyrack can provide corrugated surface panel and steel strip panel. 3. Following is the...
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  • Storage Steel Box

    Product Features: 1.Corrugated plate or sheet plate as the bottom base. 2.Beautiful surface. Surface process: powder coating spraying or galvanization. 3.Foldable & stackable. 4.Size and load capacity can be customized based on clients' request. 5.Sunnyrack supply two...
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  • Warehouse Steel Stack Racking

    Product features: 1. Stack racking is also called movable rack or foldable rack. 2. It can make the best use of the space of warehouse under the condition which can’t use fixed racks. 3. It allows 4-way forklift access even when loaded. 5. Stack racking can stacked to 4-5...
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