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A mezzanine rack system can help solve the problem of unutilized empty space in your warehouse. It can easily pay for themselves by doubling or tripling available storage space without the need for expensive building expansions. Free-standing mezzanines provide additional work areas or storage space by utilizing the wasted air space in your warehouse or manufacturing facility. Mezzanine storage increases your cubic space while freeing up valuable floor space for other use. Structural steel mezzanines can be configured in a wide range of sizes, floor types, and construction styles to fit almost any space or application, which can also be reconfigured or added on to at a later date. This kind of mezzanine allows you to take full advantage of the air space you already have.They are free-standing and not connected to the walls or trusses of the building.
Mezzanine Application
-Any warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing facility with available air space.
-Placed over machinery, in offices, around building columns, shelving systems, etc.
-Use for portions of your operation such as offices, assembly, kitting, spare parts, return goods processing, and/or inspection areas
-Ideal for archive and record storage systems
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  • Rack Supported Multi Layer Steel Structure Mezzanine Racking

    Rack Supported Multi Layer Steel Structure Mezzanine Racking
    Product Feature:
    1. Mezzanine racking is usually designed into two or three layers.
    2. It is widely used in situation of high warehouse, many types of goods and small bulks.
    3. Taking...
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  • High Space Utilization Multi-tier Racking Support Mezzanine

    Product introduction: Racking support Mezzanine rack system usually takes sectional material, medium or heavy duty rack as the main structural support, and the floors will be attached to add the upper second or third levels to increase vertical storage space. The weight...
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  • Steel Structure Mezzanine Floor Racking Storage System

    Product details: Mezzanine floor racking system add a second d or third level inside your facility to create more usable space.Storage steel mezzanine floor racking is customized to fit your exact area, height, and load requirements. The bottom shelves support the upper...
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  • Warehouse Steel Rack Supported Mezzanine Rack System

    Mezzanine rack introduction: Mezzanine rack system is designed for high Warehouse,allow us to maximum the warehouse height,also double or triple the cube area,to increase warehouse storage capacity. Steel structure mezzanine rack features: 1)Rack supported mezzanine can...
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  • High Density Storage Rack Supported Multi Layer Mezzanine

    High Density Storage Rack Supported Multi Layer Mezzanine
    1. The storage cost of the warehouse will double down with the increase of the storage area.
    2. The shelf is suitable for storing many kinds of goods.
    3. The mezzanine rack takes fully...
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