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Electric Mobile Racking For Warehouse Storage In China
Nov 14, 2016

Electric Mobile Racking system is an ideal warehouse solution,with high density utilization of storage facility floor space.It utilises up to 80% of the available cubic storage capacity and requires one aisle to access 100% of the pallets available. Electric Mobile Racking System is particularly cost effective in cold storage application as well as conventional Selective Pallet Racking System.

Features of Electric Mobile Racking:

1.Maximum of warehouse floor space,only with one operating aisle.

2.Increase storage capacity by up to 80%,and access to each pallet 100%.

3.It can direct access goods through the forklift , ingress and egress is unrestricted .

4. Applicable industries : cold storage, anti-explosion storage; warehouse high storage utilization.

Electric Mobile Racking storage system finished on October,project show and details as follows:

Upright height:3225mm; Frame depth:1000mm;Upright section:90*70*2.0.

Beam length:2300mm;Bean section:100*50*1.5.

Pallet size:W1200*D1000*H1000;

Load capacity:1000kg/pallet;2 pallets each layer.

Width of operating aisle:3500mm.

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