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How To Tell If Shelving Is Good Or Bad
Jul 17, 2017

  How to tell if Shelving is good or bad

  Core tip: How to identify the quality of Shelving is an industry is very important link, an industry directly affect the industry's shelves, how to identify the good or bad shelf?

  How to identify the quality of the shelves is a very important sector of the industry, an industry directly affect the industry's shelves of benefits, how to identify the good or bad shelf the following can be referred to:

  The identification of heavy-duty shelves can be considered in the following ways:

  1. Shelf Material: shelf material SS400 steel is the best. It seems that there is not a strict complete set of standards for Shelving industry, to achieve the European FEM shelf standards are few.

  2. Shelf structure: Rack column to see whether the bending of the cross-section is more and even, about more evenly symmetrical structure better. The crossbeam of Shelving should look at the link structure of the crossbeam and the form of the beam hanging to the pillar: the link of the beam should be more good, the more the force is about good; the linkage of the cross beam to the column to see whether the contact is closely aligned with the column, Shelving the inside of the hook and the column side close without clearance such a structure can be stable and durable.

  3. Shelf Surface Treatment: Shelving surface spraying treatment to be uniform and have strong adhesion, the surface spraying on the shelves to see whether or not the shelves of the inner edge of the hole is not missing out of the good, Shelving inspection can be used to tap the hard things as easily as possible to fall off Shelving is very easy to rust

  4. Welding process: This is the best identification.

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