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Pallet Racking

Pallet racks are typically heavy-duty racks for storing unitized pallets, with lane-type stackers and other storage and transportation machinery. The high-rise shelves are mostly monolithic structures, which are generally welded by steel profiles (with pallets), connected by horizontal and vertical tie rods and beams. The side clearance considers the parking accuracy of the cargo at the original position, the parking accuracy of the stacker, the installation accuracy of the stacker and the shelf, etc.; the width of the cargo support must be greater than the side clearance to prevent the cargo side from being unsupported.
Pallet racks are usually freely assembled, easy to disassemble and move, and can be adjusted at any height according to the height of the item. It can also be called adjustable pallet rack.
Pallet Rack Application
Pallet Racks are widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics and distribution centers, and are suitable for a wide variety of small-volume items as well as for a wide variety of high-volume items. Pallet racks are used most in high-bay warehouses and ultra-high warehouses, with drop-in pallet racks and gravity pallet racks.
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  • Heavy Duty Warehouse Selective Pallet Racking

    Heavy Duty Warehouse Selective Pallet Racking Feature:
    1. Selective pallet racking is the most popular and economical warehouse storage system;
    2. All composite structure, can be constructed, reconfigured, dismantled and reused as necessary, easily installed...
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  • VNA Pallet Racking System

    VNA Pallet Racking System Feature:
    1. VNA pallet racking is an improvement of traditional selective pallet racking;
    2. Narrow aisle can greatly improve warehouse space utilization by 20%;
    3. VNA pallet rack makes optimum use of warehouse floor area and...
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  • Warehouse Storage System Steel Pallet Racking

    Warehouse Storage System Steel Pallet Racking
    -Pallets can be located, accessed and moved individually.
    -Rapid handling of almost all types of palletized goods.
    -Strength and rigidity prevents compression damage to goods.
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  • CE Certificated Warehouse Racking Heavy Duty Steel Pallet Racking

    CE Certificated Warehouse Racking Heavy Duty Steel Pallet Racking
    *Material: Q235B Cold roll steel
    *Basic components: Upright & Beam
    *Surface Treatment: Electrostatic Spray Surface
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  • Electric Mobile Racking System

    Electric Mobile Racking System Features:
    1. Aisle saving
    2. Stable structure
    3. large loading capacity
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  • Double Deep Pallet Racking

    Double Deep Pallet Racking
    Products Feature:
    1. Double deep pallet racking is an improvement of standard selective pallet racking.
    2. Double Deep Racking stores two pallets deep, or four pallets deep in a double entry rack.
    3. The number of...
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  • Teardrop Pallet Racking

    Teardrop Pallet Racking
    1. Teardrop pallet racking provides an enhanced, rigid, automatic lock for improving safety.
    2. The hole pitch is 2 inch distance, easy to assemble and adjust freely by pitch.
    3. Sunnyrack provide two types of upright frame: Welded...
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  • Dexion Pallet Racking

    Dexion Pallet Racking
    -It can be compatible with many handling equipment styles.
    -Easy to assembly and can be adjusted freely every 76.2mm hole pitch.
    -High density storage capacity ,maximizing storage space and minimizing storage costs.
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