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Push Back Rack

The Push Back Rack is a multi-layered trolley that overlaps between the front and rear beams. The stacked goods are pushed into the trolley from the outside, and the stored goods will push the original goods into the inside. . The shelf is composed of typical structural components such as pallet trucks. The pallet truck has flowable characteristics, and the cargo is specified to enter and exit at one end of the shelf, and follows the advanced rear-out sequence. When storing goods, the forklift is only located at the lower level of the shelf channel, and does not need to enter the shelf cargo storage channel. Such shelves have the typical characteristics of high storage density and fast storage and transportation. Such push back racks are often used in places where storage sites are extremely limited, but must be increased in storage capacity or have time requirements for goods, etc., where the selection of goods is not critical.
Push Back Rack Advantage
1) When the number of pallets of a product is large and does not require “first in, first out”, the work procedure can be simplified, and the benefits are extremely significant.
2) The picking time can be shortened and no special handling equipment is required.
3) Due to the large storage area and fewer channels, space utilization and productivity are high.
4) It can avoid the damage that the high-density storage shelf often causes during loading and unloading operations.
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