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Radio Shuttle Racking

The Radio Shuttle Racking is a high-density storage system controlled shelf consisting of shelves, trolleys and forklifts. This efficient storage method is designed to increase the utilization of warehouse space and provide customers with new storage options.
Working Principle of the Radio Shuttle Racking:
1) Inventory: The forklift truck puts the goods at the forefront of the rails of the shelf roadway, and the shuttle car operated by radio remote control can carry the pallet goods on the guide rails;
2) Pick up: The shuttle moves the pallets deep in the shelf to the front of the shelf, and removes the palletized goods from the shelves with a forklift;
3) Mobile shuttle: The shuttle can be placed in different lanes by forklifts, and multiple shuttles can be shared by multiple lanes. The number of shuttles is determined by a combination of roadway depth, total cargo volume, shipment volume, and shipping frequency. The solution for this warehouse consists of trolley pallet racks with a certain number of racks and trolleys. A system consisting of pallet storage, transportation and storage. The space utilization rate is over 80%.
Scope of Application:
- A large number of small samples: food, beverages, chemicals, tobacco and other single varieties in large quantities, relatively single industry
- Cold storage operation: Reduce low temperature operation time, improve work efficiency and work safety
- Term management: A warehouse that requires strict first-in, first-out operations. - Increase storage capacity: storage space is limited, need to maximize the use of space warehouse
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  • High Density Automated Warehouse Pallet Radio Shuttle Racking

    High Density Automated Warehouse Pallet Radio Shuttle Racking
    Products Feature:
    1. Shuttle racking system is a special made racking system for shuttle which based on the structure of Drive- in racking.
    2. Depth of this racking system could be 30-60m,...
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  • Industrial Drive Through Radio Shuttle Rack With Pallet Runner

    Radio shuttle rack with pallet runner is designed for storing a large number of similar goods (pallets). Pallets are placed on the supporting rails, which makes possible the high-density storage. The rack system is the most ideal for expensive storage space like cold storage...
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  • Customized Automatic Radio Shuttle Pallet Rack For Storage

    Radio shuttle rack system: Radio Shuttle rack system is a storage system composed of high density storage racking,shuttle cart and forklift.This type of storage pallet racking system is more powerful in operation than traditional storage racking,which enable it to make use of...
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  • China Manufacturer Adjustable Radio Shuttle Racking System

    Description : Radio shuttle racking system is a new generation of high density storage racking system which max storage utilization and working efficiency. It is a “advanced version” of drive in pallet racking, as forklift does not need to run into the aisles. It is suitable...
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  • Radio Shuttle Rack System

    Radio Shuttle Rack System
    -Less damage on racking,lower risk of accidents
    -Improve the efficiency of cargos handling
    -Great for deep lane storage
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