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Shelves are an important tool for modern warehouses to increase efficiency and are storage devices for individual items. Different types of shelves have different characteristics, and high-level shelves have the characteristics of good assembly, large carrying capacity and strong stability. The shelf material is made of hot and cold steel.
Shelves play a very important role in modern logistics activities. Warehouse management is modernized and has a direct relationship with the types and functions of shelves. The role and function of the shelf are as follows. Shelf is a kind of frame structure, which can make full use of warehouse space, improve storage capacity utilization, and expand warehouse storage capacity.
The goods stored in the shelves are not squeezed each other, and the loss of materials is small, which can completely guarantee the function of the capital body and reduce the loss of goods. The goods in the shelf are easy to access, easy to count and measure, and can be made first-in-first-out. To ensure the quality of stored goods, measures such as moisture, dust, burglary and vandalism can be taken to improve the quality of material storage. The structure and function of many new shelves are conducive to the mechanization and automated management of warehouses.
SUNNYRACK has three types of shelves, namely slotted angle steel light shelves, warehouse rivet-free shelves, and metal medium-sized large-span shelves. You can choose according to your actual needs.
SUNNYRACK is one of the leading China shelving manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to import cheap shelving from us.
  • Metal Medium Duty Long Span Shelving Rack

    Metal Medium Duty Long Span Shelving Rack
    1.Long Span Shelving, is a strong and durable shelving system.
    2.It is smart and clean in appearance.
    3.It is cut-in composite structure with upright, step beam, steel panel or wire decking and etc.
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  • Storage Long Span Shelving Rack

    Storage Long Span Shelving Rack
    1.Quick and easy assembly
    2.Powder coat baked polyester finish
    3.Interchangeable pallet rack design
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  • Slotted Angle Steel Light Duty Shelving

    Slotted Angle Steel Light Duty Shelving
    -It can be assembled as a shelf or work bench
    -It can be adaptable to all kinds of spaces: offices, warehoused and workshop etc.
    -Slotted angle rack is low in cost and safe in structure;
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  • Warehouse Boltless Rivet Shelving

    Warehouse Boltless Rivet Shelving
    1. Cut-in composite beam structure.
    2. The height of each layer can be adjusted by pitch 50mm freely.
    3. Steel or wooden panel will be available.
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We're professional shelving manufacturers and suppliers in China, specialized in producing warehouse storage equipment. We warmly welcome you to wholesale customized shelving at cheap price from our factory.
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