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Steel Platform

Steel platforms are usually composed of decking, primary and secondary beams, columns, columns, and ladders and railings. Modern steel platforms come in a variety of forms and functions. The largest feature of the structure is the fully assembled structure, flexible design, and can design and manufacture steel platforms that meet site requirements, functional requirements and meet logistics requirements according to different site conditions. It is widely used in modern storage.
Steel platform classification:
- According to the requirements of use, it can be divided into indoor and outdoor platforms, static and dynamic load platforms, production auxiliary platforms, and medium and heavy operating platforms.
- According to the different handling methods of the support, the platform structure can also be divided into:
* A platform that rests directly on the tripod or ox leg of the plant column, usually functioning as a safe passage or as a simple medium-sized operating platform.
* One side is supported on the column of the building or the wall of the building, and the other side is provided with a platform of independent columns.
* Supported on platforms on large equipment.
* All are independent platforms.
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