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Medium duty shelving

Product Price:Customized


Load Capacity:200kg~1000kg/layer

Product Features:Simple structure, large load, easy to assemble and disassemble

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Rack Details

Transformation of the former Transformation of the former
After transformation After transformation
Transformation of the formerTransformation of the former
After transformationAfter transformation
  • Factory direct sales

    Factory direct sales

    No middleman earn the difference.

  • On-demand customization

    On-demand customization

    Customized high-quality storage solutions for you.

  • Quality assurance

    Quality assurance

    Strictly control each production process.

  • Material reliability

    Material reliability

    All the raw materials come from Q235B material of five major steel mills in China.

  • Corrosion and rust prevention

    Corrosion and rust prevention

    Automatic spray, oil removal, rust removal and etc. ten production processes.

  • After-sale guarantee

    After-sale guarantee

    Warranty period free maintenance, timely response.

Portable management of warehouse

Portable management of warehouse

 More than double usage of the warehouse space

 Save half of the labor cost, improve the efficiency of warehouse management

Rich industry experience

Rich industry experience

 Focus on rack R&D and production for 18 years, professional service providers integrating design, production, installation, commissioning, after-sales service.

 Customized solutions, our storage racks are widely used in various industries and have won the recognition of thousands of customers.

Strict delivery guarantee

Strict delivery guarantee

 20000 square meters production base, 220 meters spray line

 8 rolling machines, fast delivery up to 15 days

Multi-party quality and safety certification

Multi-party quality and safety certification

 Automatic welding, Swiss Golden Horse spraying equipment, anti-corrosion and rust, excellent quality.

 We have got lSO9001 certification, EU CE certification, AAA credit enterprise certification, the Chinese People's Liberation Army General Armament Department of the production qualification certification.

Load capacity 200kg-1000kg/layer
Pickup method Manual access
Structure Consisting of uprights, beams, and steel plate and etc.
Aisle requirements 1m-1.5m
Warehouse requirements No special requirement
Racking advantage Simple structure, easy to assemble and disassemble
Scope of application Suitable for storing scattered, light weight goods
  • A pharmaceutical company in Hangzhou city, China.A pharmaceutical company in Hangzhou city, China.
  • Shanying Paper Group in China.Shanying Paper Group in China.

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Why do I need racks in my warehouse? What benefits will rack bring to my business?

(1) Fully improve the utilization rate of the warehouse, greatly reducing the construction of the enterprise warehousing link, purchase, rental costs.
(2) Improve the enterprise logistics and warehousing link operation efficiency, reduce operating costs.
(3) Make the warehouse neater, thus enhancing the corporate image.
(4) Shelves is also a fixed asset of the enterprise to preserve the value of the warehouse even if it is relocated, can be used again.

How much warehouse utilization can be increased?

1.5-5 times. Depending on the type of racking solution chosen.

How long is the estimated installation time for the racking? Is there a specific time plan or schedule?

Depending on the size and complexity of the project.
(1) The installation time for regular racking is usually 5-15 days.
(2) The installation time for automatic storage and retrieval system is usually 15-60 days. We will develop an installation schedule based on the specific project and consult with you to determine the optimal installation time.

What conditions or requirements do the assembly site need to meet?

The assembly site needs to have good ground leveling, as well as safe power and lighting facilities.

Is there any after-sales service or technical support provided after the installation is completed?

We provide after-sales service and technical support.
After the installation is completed.
(1) our technicians will provide training on the use of shelves to the relevant operators and instructions on precautions.
(2) two regular inspections per year, if due to improper operation caused by the distortion and deformation of the shelf fittings, our company will be the first time to issue spare parts, to ensure that the use of shelves safety.
(3) each project with the appropriate project administrator, if you encounter problems during the use, you can contact us at any time.

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