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Let you know the three details you need to pay attention to when purchasing racking


Many companies purchasing racking think that the lower the price, the better, or the thicker the material, the better. Is this really the case? Below, the editor of Sunnyrack will take you through three details that you should pay attention to when purchasing racking.
1. Do you know the raw materials? We usually use Q235B materials from large steel plants such as Shougang, Baosteel, and Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. as raw materials for racking. Because the chemical composition of Q235B steel contains higher carbon content and manganese content, and has higher strength and ductility, some small manufacturers In order to save costs, we will use raw materials from some unknown small steel mills on the market, or even replace them with Q195 materials. On the surface, no difference can be seen, but after long use, it can easily cause deformation or even breakage. The raw materials of our Sunnyrack are all Q235B materials from the five major domestic steel mills.

2. Why are some powder-coated products prone to rusting? This is because some small manufacturers use indoor powder, while our Sunnyrack use outdoor powder spraying. The price difference between the two is 500 yuan/ton, while outdoor powder has been specially formulated and processed to have better properties. High corrosion resistance, able to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as ultraviolet radiation, humidity, rain, high and low temperatures.

3. Is the thicker the rack material, the better? In fact, no, the material selection only needs to meet your required load-bearing capacity. Thicker materials will undoubtedly increase your purchasing costs. In order to save costs, many manufacturers will use a deflection of l/200 as a standard for beam material selection. Although in the short term There will be no problems, but over time it is easy to deform or even break. Our Sunnyrack have always adhered to the beam fastness of 1/300, ensuring that there will be no quality problems after twenty years of use.


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