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What are the five steps to install attic racking?


Mezzanine racking have become one of the mainstream types of rack structures. Mezzanine racking make full use of the space in the warehouse. Some small warehouses and even stores can use mezzanine racking, which have a particularly wide range of applications. So do you know the steps for installing attic racking? Today Sunnyrack will let you know about it.

Five steps to install attic racking:

1. Measure the warehouse

To make a detailed measurement of the existing warehouse's area, location, and specifications, it is necessary to draw a floor plan of the warehouse based on the measured data.

2. Warehouse design drawings

Design a warehouse floor plan based on the warehouse floor plan. It needs to be designed and drawn according to the actual situation of the warehouse and the special requirements of the warehouse personnel.

3. Customized production of loft racking

Design and customize the columns, main beams and sub-beams of the mezzanine racking directly according to the drawings.

4. Installation and construction

Finally, build and assemble the attic racking according to the drawings; let it become your first warehouse.

5. Mezzanine rack acceptance

After the construction is completed, the rack project must be inspected and accepted.

The above are the five major steps for installing mezzanine racking. After reading this, you will have a better idea when you need to customize mezzanine racking. Why do we need to do on-site surveys, spend time making drawings, and discuss specific requirements details before we can have an accurate price? If at the beginning If you make a hasty quotation, you will have to think carefully.


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