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Things to pay attention to when storing goods on warehouse racking


Storage racks are widely chosen by companies because they can improve warehouse utilization and improve the work efficiency of managers and users. However, if it is not maintained during normal times, it will easily cause damage to the racking and goods.

    1. When installing storage racking, in order to facilitate the loading and unloading of items, it is best to install them facing the aisle. At the same time, it also prevents damage to racking and items due to inconvenient loading and unloading. (If the rack needs to be moved back and forth during use, it is recommended to choose a rack with pulleys.)

2. When placing goods, pay attention to the classification of goods. You can classify them by area or by level. (If placed randomly, firstly, it will be difficult to find, and secondly, the utilization rate of the goods will be reduced.) It is best to make plans in advance, so as to improve work efficiency.

3. For goods with different weights, it is necessary to classify them when placing them on the racking. It is best to put heavy goods on the lower racking and light goods on the upper racking. (To prevent collapse due to top-heavy footing.)

4. Place infrequently used goods as far in as possible, and place goods that come in and out relatively frequently as close as possible. (Attention! The goods stored on the racking must not exceed the load-bearing range of the racking.)