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Advantages of using mezzanine racking in warehouses


There are many companies that need storage racks, but because they do not understand the needs of the warehouse, they have customized storage racks that are not suitable for their warehouses. Originally it was more suitable for mezzanine platform racking, but as a result, other storage racking were customized, which led to an increase in costs, the storage space was not maximized, and the actual storage effect was not satisfactory. Today Sunnyrack will take you to learn about the attic racking.

   What are the advantages of using mezzanine racking?

1. Mezzanine racking are suitable for storing various types of goods;

2. Mezzanine racking can increase the rack height, make full use of storage height, and make better use of storage space;

3. Special floor slabs for racking are laid on the floor of the mezzanine racking. Compared with patterned steel plates or steel gratings, they have the characteristics of stronger load-bearing capacity, good integrity, uniform layer loading, smooth surface, and easy locking;

4. The mezzanine racking fully consider humanized logistics, have beautiful designs, generous structures, and strong three-dimensionality. The materials are high-quality carbon structural steel. The internal quality, load-bearing performance, and appearance are very superior. They are easy to install and disassemble, and can be flexibly designed according to the actual situation.

Mezzanine racking can be flexibly designed with two or more floors according to actual site needs. They are suitable for storing small quantities of goods of various types. The floor of the mezzanine racking is flat, and the gray layer, debris, and small items will not fall into the downstairs, and the lighting wiring downstairs will not fall downstairs. Able to be discreet and beautiful.