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Suzhou Metro AS/RS warehouse racking system case


Suzhou Metro AS/RS warehouse racking system case

Case Details

Project name: Suzhou Metro AS/RS system case
Customer name: Suzhou Metro
Rack type: automated three-dimensional warehouse racking
Customer Introduction: Suzhou Metro Railway Transportation Group Co., Ltd. is a large state-owned enterprise directly under the city, the group completed the merger in 2013, forming a rail transit planning, construction, operation, resource development and property management "five-in-one" pattern. Now it has 7 offices, 8 branches and centers, 5 foreign investment companies and more than 6000 employees. It mainly undertakes the planning, construction, operation, resource development and property protection of rail transportation in Suzhou.

Project Overview: In early July 2020, SUNNYRACK (formerly Zhongyang) collaborated with a well-known domestic system integrator to successfully create an automated three-dimensional warehouse system for the N # line of Suzhou Metro's rolling stock depot. Sunnyrack provide high-level three-dimensional warehouse shelves and steel material frames for this project. After the completion and acceptance of the project, it received high recognition from the client and became a model project for the successful cooperation between Sunnyrack and System Integrators.
Warehouse size: 85m long * 45m wide * 15m high, with a total area of 3800 square meters
Tray specifications: L1200 (mm) * D1000/1200 (mm) * H1200 (mm) frame tray;
Rack specifications: L2700 (medium) * D800/1000 * H13500;
Rack layers: 9 horizontal beams
Total cargo capacity: 6600 units, equipped with 1 straight rail+3 transfer rail stackers
Rack capacity: 1000KG/pallet