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Radio shuttle racking system project of a chemical company in Shandong province.


Radio shuttle racking system project of a chemical company in Shandong province.

Case Details

Project name: Shuttle rack system case of a chemical company in Shandong
Customer name: A chemical company in Shandong
Product type: shuttle rack
Customer introduction: The client company was established in 2009 , located in Dongying City, Shandong Province, is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in manufacturing chemical raw materials and chemical products. Its three major series of products have been listed as major scientific and technological projects in Shandong Province.

Project Overview: This customer found our company on the Internet. After multiple inspections, he trusted our company's professional strength. After in-depth communication between the two parties, our company's senior engineers customized a shuttle rack solution for them. After the shuttle rack project was delivered and put into use, it was highly recognized by the customer, who expressed that he would maintain long-term cooperation with our company in the future. Warehouse size: 120 meters long * 32 meters wide * 12 meters high. It is planned to use about half of the warehouse area (65 meters long * 32 meters wide) for the shelving system

Warehouse size: L45M*W18M*H9M; L32M*W18M*H9M;

Pallet specifications: L1200(mm)*D1000(mm)*H1200(mm) ton bag, code bag type;

Rack specifications: L1490 (medium)*D1300/1100*H5700;

Number of shelves: 4 layers of beams and tracks;

Total number of goods: 2,600, equipped with 3 Sunnyrack intelligent shuttles;

Rack load: 1000KG/pallet