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Case study of cold storage shuttle shelves in a food company in Liaoning


Case study of cold storage shuttle shelves in a food company in Liaoning

Case Details

Project name: Cold storage shuttle rack case of a food company in Liaoning
Customer name: A food company in Liaoning
Product type: shuttle rack
Customer introduction: The company is a company founded in 1995 An agricultural and animal husbandry food company, its main business is feed, feed raw materials and protection product trade, livestock and poultry industrialization, and is involved in intelligent breeding equipment, animal health products, food, etc. Currently, the company holds shares in more than 170 subsidiaries, its products are exported to many countries and regions, and it has built 11 factories in seven countries including Nepal, Philippines, Indonesia, and Russia. It has won honors such as "China's Top 100 Light Industry Enterprises", "China's Top 50 Light Industry Food Industry", and "2020 Green Credit Index TOP50".

Project overview: In early November, the shuttle rack project signed by Sunnyrack (formerly Nanjing Zhongyang) and the customer was installed and the final acceptance and commissioning work was completed. It has greatly improved the customer's warehouse space utilization and has been highly recognized by the customer. The customer also said that he will continue to cooperate with our company for future projects.

This project is divided into three comprehensive warehouses:
Rack dimensions: 1. Constant temperature warehouse: 45 meters long*24 meters wide*9.5 meters high
2. Freezer warehouse: 30 meters long*wide 13 meters*height 9.5 meters
3. Normal temperature warehouse: 30 meters long*9 meters wide*9.5 meters high
Pallet specifications: L1230(mm)*D930(mm)*H1580(mm)
Rack specifications : L1490*D1250/1000*H7050 (mm)
Number of shelves: 4 layers/3 layers of corbel shelves
Total number of cargo spaces: 5690, equipped with 4 Sunnyrack intelligent shuttles;
Rack load: 1500KG/pallet